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Attack on titan LOCK APP

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Popular anime appeared "Attack on titan" Karachimi character unlocking app!Willing to release the lock screen of popular character we Sumaho of "Attack on Titan", fun lock app appeared ☆When you release the lock Chimi character who with a fine production is willing to release the lock screen of the smartphone!In addition, useful features installed that can be launched from the lock screen mail and phones also soon! !◆◆ Attack on Titan - features of the thymidylate character lock app ◆◆Lock release time animation happens !!Chimi character who appeared in the lock screen in random ☆
Telephone and e-mail from the shortcut button!Made start-up telephone and e-mail software from the lock screen, steep errands also immediately it can cope!
◆◆ setting method ◆◆1. Start This application → 2. Screen tap the settings of the bottom
◆◆ compatible models · OS ◆◆Recommended Android 2.2 or higherPlease note ※ Android 5.0 or more terminals to those who use it will be currently non-compliant.
◆◆ purpose of permission ◆◆Please rest assured that this app does not, such as specific and customer data of your individual will get.
◆◆ how to use inquiry and requests the ◆◆ from here.Opinion requests from our customers,Please report bugs, bugs and forced termination of the display will be reflected as valuable opinions of apps improvement!※ review can not feedback to your opinion request to the column, sufficient support work to the customer will be very difficult. Very sorry to trouble you, but, please send feel free to the following URL.
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